On puters my name would be zzzman or zzz I spose.
Thank you to Happygeek fer th welcome message.
Only started puterin around in 00, never touched one before that.
Since being introduced to th web, I've owned what some may call "doorstop" puters. All kept upgraded and perfectly runnin by friends and family, and even a bit by me (thanks to th lessons taught). My puter is my number ONE source of entertainment, I don't get out much (med stuff). I recieved a really beautiful gift last spring (HP6000 laptop) with vista. It ran great till I picked up a virus a few weeks back. Allow me to clarify here, I'm not completely puter inept, but close. :icon_mrgreen: I am bound and determined to get this one myself if possible as money is tite and friends are busy wit there own stuff right now.
I have been searchin google for file names and checkin my list against all sites and threads I can find, and came across your site. What a cool site you have here and th folks... ya seem real friendly. That seems to be lacking out on th interweb sometimes. Well I'd have a cold beverage, and a warm meal fer any that grace my thread with answers that I can follow and solutions that werk.

Again Thank you for any help I recieve and kudos to th members that I read off google pages. You folks are special in your knowledge and th way ya don't talk down to newbs like myself.

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Welcome. Best way to fix your virus problem is to post in our Spyware, Viruses and Nasties board (Under the Hardware/Software -> Microsoft Windows category) . State your problem and you will be given instructions. Generally you will be asked to run a scan, and then upload a log file for posters to analayse. Then treatment can begin. Theres a lot of regulars (Crunchie etc...) there who are very good at removing such problems and will guide you through it.


OK, I already had malware downloaded, and ran through th steps provided on th first post in nasties thread. Once again th malware scan locked up my puter when it hit th cyberlink camera files. Can't just open taskmgr and close not responding app, I mean REALLy locked up. I have to do a hard stop (hold onoff button down).
I did manage to get through a quick scan without lockup, it showed no viruses or malware.
A little more info, I have my acct (admin) puter guru (admin) and my sons acct. I have to log into sons acct to get to th web with any success, it just ends up locking up if I try any other acct. I still lock up occaisionally on sons acct but not often.
Th offending problems began a few weeks ago when I booted up one mornin and I had an AOL homepage instead of my page. Things have gotten progressively worse although I finnally managed to load up all important downloads from windows. I still can't load HP downloads, and most scans lock up before finishing or come up empty.
Sorry to be trouble here folks, Thanks for any suggestions


Sorry guys, I was just tryin to lay low till I got th items done from th first post over there.

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