Hi guys I just joined this community and I'm looking forward to being a part of it. This is my first programmer forum that I've joined and I think I joined because I want to become a better programmer. I'm in my second year at Kent State studying Computer Science, they are teaching us C++ and I really think I would like to be a software developer. I have been using Linux for about a year now thanks to my room mate, currently using Ubuntu 8.10. Some questions I have in general are:
What gets your mind going to program?
What has helped you in the past with programming?
Any good books, tutorials, video tutorials out there that might help me?
Do you know of any cool, not too hard c++ projects that I can work on in between my school projects?
Also do you work on any sort of puzzles like Sudoku or something else to keep your mind sharp?

Thanks and I hope I get to know alot of you!

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hi nice to meet you here..i am also new

Hello jet, you too are welcome here. Hope you are enjoying your stay here.


Hello haileyjonathan,
Welcome to daniweb forum!
Enjoy your stay!
Feel free to share your views in here.


What gets your mind going to program?
What has helped you in the past with programming?

Well, direct tutoring helped me get through my programming courses in college (C and Java).

To be honest, I never found programming to be natural for me, it always required a lot of effort. But now that I have more ideas about classes I want to design and sites I want to create, I'm seeing that I'll need to rely on programming to develop few programs in my niche, so we'll see how that works out.

Anyway, welcome. I'm new too, so this is my first post at DaniWeb.

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