Hi all,

I'm new here so just starting off by saying hello to everyone. While I am no techie by far (couldn't be farther ) I am definately one who wants to learn. Thought I'd join the group in order to get some direction with doing just that.




Best way to learn is to just try and get involved, tinker, experiment, and share your experiences with others!

Hi... Thanks for the welcome!

Looking forward to learning and being a part of your community.


Everyone loves sunshine so you'll be very welcome here. Keep your mind open, ask the right questions and you'll learn more than you ever imagined you could.
Welcome to Daniweb!

Thanks for the welcome and the kind words! I can clearly see that your right about learning more than I could imagine here. Along with having already solved a network issue I was having I've spent a lot of time reading numerous posts in various forums. The information I've already learned is incredible (thanks Dani and everyone)!

Still getting to know my way around the forums but I'm looking forward to reading more, posting, and becoming an active member in the community.


Thanks for the link... heading there now.