Hi everyone. Here is a little bit about ME:

Name: Wayne
Nickname: Dr Gadget / Mr Wayne
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 81kg
Hair: Grey / White
Eyes: Hazel
Location: UK
Age: 41 (in 2 days)
Hobbies: Listening to music, drawing, going out with friends and family, movies, laughing, sleeping, working on classic cars

Relationship Status: Married

Music: REM / Kaiser Cheifs / Girls Aloud / Sugar Babes / John Barrowman

Education: Whats that? lol, Motor Vehicle engineering / Business Studies

Work: As little as possible? lol. Current in retail sales - boring.
Statring own IT consultancy business.

Food: Pizza, Chinese, Chicken, Steak, Subway

Favorite Movies: Most comedy / Drama / classics

Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy / Will and Grace / Everybody Loves Raymond / Just Shoot Me / Dinnerladies / Top Gear / Gadget Show

Stuff you Dislike: Inconsiderate people / Road Hogs / People with an atitude problem

Hey Wayne, welcome to Daniweb, there are many people from the UK here.

Happy birthday (in advance) and good luck with your business!