I have played and finished scarface ,
I have played and finished COD1 COD2 COD3 and COD4
I have played and finished freedom fighter,
I have played and finished GTA about 3 versions ,
I have played and finished God Father
I have played and finished MK all least 3 versions,

and one of my friend make this video too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCxk50uHSeQ

But I never feels something like that , and I played those games with full of blood and violance enabled. It's different to person
to person. More than on games I have seen more wired thing on the internet.I'm 24 years old now . may be that's the reason. However for the kids I also don't recommand those games.
yep racing and mario style 2D tile games are better than that.

and starwars , terminator , skynet also a good game , there are shooting but it never feels because you'r heart knows that kind of spices are not exists
extract. and It depends on the physiology of the person.

I find that FPS games bore me, I can't stick them very long at all.

But I'd agree with the overall assessment of the article, I am more aggressive in driving games (i.e. NFS Underground) than shooting games (i.e. GTA:SA) I actually play GTA to relax, whereas I play a racing game to get a challenge :)