Does anyone have a truthful scoop on Global Domains Inc???


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I have been with global domains international it is not techically a scam but it is more like a vitual cancer on the web. Businesses like this make there money by spamming people all over the world sucking them in with empty promises and making it near impossible to get out so they can keep riping you off for as long as they can.

Let me tell you my experiance with GDI.

Over the past 2.5 years I have converted about 100 people to GDI and I have yet to recieve a payment from them as I still havent earned the requiered minimum payout.
Most of these people cancel within the first few days (Shows its a good product hey)
I finally realised that this will never work after tons & tons of effort I have put in.

I cancelled my paypal subscription with them.

Then they started billing my credit card. My credit card expired and they managed to guess the new expiry date and kept billing my card (ilegal).

So I recently cancelled my credit card and now they have started billing my paypal account again even though my subscription has been cancelled (very dishonest business).

There is only one way to cancel your account and that is by phoning them.

I have been trying to ring the number they gave me at least 10 times it dosnt work here in Australia. I have sent a heap of emails and they reply with the same thing (cancel by phone no exceptions).

This company is so desperate to rip people off they are resorting to ilegal and dishonset practices.

Has anyone ever seen a decent .ws domain NO cause everyone is in it to make money which only .000001% is acually making a profit the rest a sheep handing over the hard earned every month.

You need to be in this company long term to make any money and they will not be around for that long. So if you want to join this company and there scamming tactics go ahead throw away 10 bucks a month and go through all the crap I have been through to get out.

That is why I think GDI is a virtual cancer and I feel sorry for its victims.

Anyone who is promoting GDI cannot tell me that they acually believe they are selling a good product because you not it isnt true you are trying to promote a lifestyle that will never ever ever eventuate. Get a ligit online business.

I am trying to stop GDI from taking anymore of my money, every month they perform an unauthorised transaction on my account I will be posting 100 posts similar to this one.

My wife and I are affiliates with Global Domains International and honestly they are a very legit company. They really do payout and give you what they say. The only thing that might be in your way is the fact that some people haven't a clue what to do. My wife and I have created our website and are dedicated to helping each and everyone of our team members build theyre very own eye catching website and advertising it to get refferals.
When you sign up for GDI you get a .ws domain name which is cool because almost all the .com's and .net's are taken. You get 10 unique e-mail addresses and you get money for all your referals. So if you own a website, why not own one that will make you money :).


P.S. the only people that call this a "SCAM" are the ones that fail at it!

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