weeee! it's my fourth day having my OJT. before my shifts began, i felt excited, but at the same time anxious. i need to wake up early in the morning (i used to wake up late) and get paranoid before i sleep, paranoid that i might get late for work. but my body clock has already been set to this new waking time. :)

today, i got my first "real" assignment. i and my colleagues were asked to make plug-ins for the company's existing project. well, i was asked to make a FAQ manager. weeeee! im just excited. :)

i know this is too easy for you fellas (free FAQ managers can even be found in the net), but im just getting the exciting feeling of getting my first assignment. yey!

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and, gods forbid, you might even get paid!


ahahaha. we don't get any allowance here. but it's okay, at least we will learn many things (including languages we haven't tried before).


weh. but it's better if we get paid. heheheh. :P

thanks anyway for your replies.

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