Heres my problem. I have a trial version of xpcspybot which i used to monitor my partners actions on my computer and when i checked it today I find that some fu*ker on a message board is trying to chat my girl up. Now I know the chances of them getting involved are very unlikely but i dont like it.
But about 2 weeks ago i signed up to this dudes board under a different name and started quizzing my lass and been not very nice about it. Anyway it turns out that cos this guy runs the board(its a free one) he knew mine and her IP address were the same so after the two of them had a conversation he deleted my account.

You can imagine im pretty pi55ed about this so Id like to sort of wipe out his board if anyone knows how. I know my partners ID and pass for it if anyone can help me fu*kj this dude up

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Point one. Any assistance given with such activity via this forum would be in breach of the rules here.

Point two. I don't think your relationship is going to last very long.


sorry dude. I should probablt take the time to read the rules in here. but im sure you can umderstand how pi55edd iam about this.


this is not the right forum for you, no matter what category you post this under. No one here is going to help you hack somebody's site for whatever reason. All I can suggest is you calm down, good day.


would i be pushing my luck to ask for someone to recommend a good board for this sort of stuff


It'd be silly of anyone to do so in my view. I don't understand your situation and outlook at all.

If the communication between your girlfriend and this fellow was indeed open and blatant nd encouraged by her, then you should discontinue the relationship and be well rid of it.

If, on the other hand it is merely innocent, if mildly flirtatious communication between two adult friends then you have no right to intrude on it in the way you have, girlfriend or not. You do not seem to base a relationship on trust, and in this scenario it would be you who is the problem. Guidance counselling can help that.

Sorry to be so blunt, but I'm bewildered by this whole topic!


I agree with Cat I really cant see your relationship lasting much longer, instead of taking it on the dude by hacking his board why dont you talk to your girl friend, after all all relationships are based on trust and you should be free to talk to your partner.



ChemicalKing will not be joining us for the next 10 days or so for his vulgar comment directed to fellow moderator Catweasle.

I have a suspicion that he ChemicalKing needs a lot more growing up than his 10 day suspension will give to him.

If I was his girlfriend, i would be really watching out, as he has no basic trust for her, nor respect for her and her intellectual freedom. All of us mature folk out here who know what love is know that it is based on trust, commitment, and honesty.


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