I've just joined today and am stopping by to say hello to other members. I live in Northeastern and Northwestern British Columbia and it's beautiful up here. That is, if you like mountains, trees, water and small populations of people.
I'm in the Northeastern part at the moment, but just waiting until the spring melt down and the ground to dry up before heading back to my cabin in the west. I am currently on a disability pension (back problems), so whatever time I spend here pretty much all of my waking hours. Aside from the disability part, I love being able to sleep when I am tired and eat when I'm hungry.
The cabin has no amenities except a propane stove and the nearest thing to technology would be the coleman lanterns . Even when I go to town, there is no cell service available, so I am off for some lengthy time computer wise. I love it. Not bad for a city (Toronto) kid.
I am currently working on my first web site. It's been a real eye opener. Lots to learn. Have a good day all.

Welcome, now would be a good time to invest in some steam-punk computer hardware - unfortunately, there are still kinks in the steam-satellites so your connection could be spotty.