My name is Fritz Green.

I'm a graphic designer, web developer, video producer, screenwriter, and filmmaker. (Whew, I'm tired now.) Yes, I'm a programming geek who is also a creative designer and artist. (right brain/left brain/scattered brain)

My wife and I own a design studio of six people, Copper Cup Images <snip url>, which is all Mac except for one ugly step-child PC that sits ignored in the corner, except when we need to see how IE is currently mangling our clean, standards-compliant XHTML, CSS and Javascript.

My wife handles most of the graphic design side of the biz, while I handle the web development side. We live and work in Bartlesville, OK. We're in our forties, have no children, and live as guests of the five cats that run our household.

In my "spare" time, over the last four years, I wrote, produced, directed, shot, and edited a feature film titled "Every Hidden Thing" <snip url>, which I'm now trying to get distribution lined up for. It has shown at a couple of film festivals and won some awards.

In my non-spare time, I do a lot of PHP/MySQL programming, and I have a good grasp of Javascript and Prototype as well, but I also work on web site designs as well.

I like camping, traveling, hiking, and obviously, movies.

I'm a pro-environment, anti-abortion, pro-conservation, anti-torture, conservative evangelical Christian who voted for Obama despite his "terrorist ties and communist agenda". That means I typically have to keep my views to myself among friends in either camp, left or right!

Despite my love of technology, I refuse to be tethered to a ball-and-chain cell phone, and you'll probably never hear a Tweet from me. I have a life.

Oh, and I'm an obsessive-compulsive pedant.

Hi everybody!

PS - Please don't kick me out just yet! :)

Welcome to DaniWeb. With all your experience I suspect you will be a big asset for helping others.