We (LE, Morgan, and I) are taking I90 East to WI - is there a website/blog/twitter that watches things like construction or natural disasters to warn about delays?

We took Morgan on a short trip to a friends house to see how she handles trips - went okay. I have been coming home lately, and just sitting back in the car with door open and she now considers the car just another 'room'; I have even fed her in it so she has been kind of acclimated to the car. Should be a lot of fun - hah.

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A quick look tells me it should be a pretty smooth trip; I made a similar trip from MT to NC while LE was schlepping our furniture from Tucson to Raleigh. MT had no speed limit at that time so i discovered that once my car hit 127 mph - I was no longer young and stupid so I slowed down. I made most of the trip hovering around 90. No idea when the next update will be.


Thanks, the links were much help - fortunately, we traveled most of the way to WI on the weekend so we missed much of the roadwork.

I managed to get most of the Wisconsin - ate a lot of cheese, worked a farm, hit a deer (totaled my car), drank a lot of beer, and went to a fish-fry.

I think I will come back later for the brandy experience.

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