Hey, peeps! Everyone over here of course knows Tekmaven and MAD_DOG ... they've been huge helps over here since the start! In fact, Tekmaven was just promoted to global moderator.

In any case, the two of them are in the middle of revamping http://www.pcmodkingdom.tk and it's coming along very, very nicely! It's full of pictures, eye candy, and different ways people rigged their pcs to make them truly unique!

They've even been gracious enough to provide a link to TechTalk Forums ... so give their site a visit and tell us all what you think of it!

The future of PC Mod Kingdom is rapidly approaching. We can honestly say that now PC Mod Kingdom is the future of the internet. It employs the latest in technologies, from the server its running on to the language it's written in. With enhancements such as better page navigation, PC Mod Kingdom is a friendlier environment to move around in. Look for PC Mod Kingdom 3.0, which goes gold on Saturday, August 24, 2002 at 12:02 AM EST!


Thank you TechTalkGal and Tek I really enjoy the honor of having something to do with my old site wow what a piece of work now. Seems like yesterday when I was renaming 4500 pictures lol now look at the site it has an awesome new look and an awesome crew. TechTalkGal, Alpha thank you for helping / support.

Like I said PC MOD KINGDOM came a long way. I love receiveing 100 emails when I wake up with my coffee puts more faith into me and the site and thank you for all the viewers/fans and thanks for the emails.

If you guys need to contact me please email me at mcse2000@socal.rr.com