Name is David, long timer retired airline pilot in the UK. Have son lives in Virginia. Photography is main hobby. Furniture repair, restoration, design and building a long time second job. Computing for forty years but not up to standard of newbie degree guy. Except maybe on the photo side. Decided do a modular web design course with our Adult Ed. Programme. Dreamweaver sucks because I'm finding it difficult, wife says because I'm an old man, but if it stops dementia I'll keep plugging. Got The Missing Manual by McFarland, size of that manual says it all about Dreamweaver. Also got the Serif prog, with books, now that is more my size. I already have one problem that no book or even my Instructor can solve.

Hello David, welcome to Daniweb forum!
Hope to join you in other threads too. Please feel free to share your queries and knowledge. Looking forward to hear about you.

Dreamweaver is just easy!
You can learn a lot by just browsing it.
There are a lot of DW tutorials in the net. Just practice!