Thanks for having this great forum. You have already helped me get rid of a 'nasty' off my computer

It looks like a great place here

I'm a forced into retirement RN, by a stroke caused by a migraine, at age 46. I'm slowly rejoining the world. I have a new business starting at soon at www.artfulabilities.com and you can read about it at artfulabilities.blogspot.com. I hope to make it a 501c3 someday. The purpose is to help women who become disabled (be it physical, mentally, or are abused) don't ever have to make choices between medical care (including a psychologist), having a way to get away from their abuser, and food. Those women who take care of a disabled person are also welcome. There are lots of tips and tricks at the blog so please stop by. The website isn't complete yet.

I call myself the resident 'Knitwhit', as since the stroke, until Artful Abilities became a BUSINESS (instead of a craft by IRS definition), my hand-knits, crochet, and felted items could be found being sold at the PA Renaissance Faire (in a shop there --I'm not there except on school days. The days are to long and hot for me). So my wares are there but I'm not. My things are still there so this is a busy time for me at this season.

I also write freelance for Associated Content, Helium, and Demand Studio. My goal is to get off of Social Security Disability.

I'm married, have 3 adult children several four footed furry kids as well.
Maybe while I'm here I'll be able to learn about SEO word?

Any way that's this Nut in a nutshell.

I was trying to find a link for The Up Your Kilt Shop and Stumbled in here.