By way of introduction, I found DaniWeb and joined to continue to a link referenced in another newsgroup.

I've worked in IT for over 30 years with an 8 year hiatus in the late 60's/early 70's when I was a breakfast, lunch and dinner cook and a sous chef, a saucier, and a chef. That's also when I was an actor in a made for TV movie.

I've operated mainframe computers in Seattle (Boeing 727-747 aircraft), at Cape Canaveral (early Apollo flights) , and on Kwajalein in the South Pacific (early star was development). I've cut code in many mainframe languages over the years and was a DBA for multiple years during that time.

I, for fun, decided to learn Windows programming and picked up a book, once I decided what I wanted to build, to learn and use Visual Basic to build multiple Windows apps.

I took early retirement and I currently build MS Office based tools using VBA for anyone who wants to pay me. This is fun for me.

I have an endless courtship with my Beloved and have three progeny who are a wonderment.

Thus endth my 02 cents,

Nice intro Jeff, welcome to DaniWeb.