I am a complete newbie to computers, but am a very fast learner. I would be more than happy to answer any veterinary questions you might have in exchange for help with simple Apple questions... What I would want to do is exchange email addresses off list and feel comfortable exchanging information. My field of expertise is small animal medicine and surgery and if I can't answer your question, I probably know who can.

I own an iBook G4 running OS X Panther.

Though I intend to become fluent with my mac in many applications, my immediate concerns are how to work with eBay (I have a lot of eBay experience) in terms of sending pictures. I am having difficulty getting pictures less than ~700kb, which are slow-loading. I'd like to know if there is a simple way to compress my photos to < 100kb using my mac.

If any kind soul out there would like to take me up on this offer, please contact me at my old email address, (removed by moderator)

THANKS very much. B

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Welcome to DaniWeb. I hope you enjoy your time here.

I removed your email address because it is against forum policy to solicit answers to a private address... there are good chances that if you have a question concerning Macintosh applications, that someone else out there has the same question. To keep the community healthy, we encourage all discussions to remain on the Forum level here, so that all may have access to the solution you seek.

Of course, that may make things difficult if personal information is involved... but your question is on a high level that such a revelation is not likely.

Please visit our Mac forum here and ask your question there. More Mac people who frequent that forum, myself included, can then concentrate on it.

Welcome again to DaniWeb.


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