Are you sure you want to know? Go ahead and post below to find out.

Let's start with me. Why do I suck, folks?

You neeed to read "Why We Suck" by Dr. Denis Leary, a feel good guide to staying fat, loud, lazy and stupid.

You suck because you've posted here to ask why! It sucks! Nobody asks "Why do I suck?"! Nobody who doesn't suck enough to do so...

commented: No, you suck because you've posted such an idiot reply. -3
commented: Don't throw hissy fits. -1

You do for reasons I'd be banned for saying.

Why do you suck? Thats an odd question if I must say so myself.

#include <stdio.h>
#define suck 0
#define awesome 1000

int main() {
  int scru = awesome;

  while(scru != suck)

  if(scru == suck) {
    printf("scru sucks\n");
  scru /= 0;
    printf("scru dosen't suck\n");

  return 0;
commented: Suck-up. ;) +6

you suck, because you haven't updated your signature with a new Jack Handey quote.

commented: Good point :) +2

you suck bcos you want all people to tell many many reason for you being SUCKED..

What the suck is that all about?:?: