I actually joined some time ago, but don't do a lot of social networking. I live in the weeds, some 30 miles from the nearest town. I don't venture out much in the real world, about once a week I suppose.

I have been hacking code for just over 24 years. 15 years embedded assembly in various Intel and Motorola micros. Became a Windows App whore 9 years ago with VB and C++. Left the corporate world 5 years ago and have worked contract from my basement office ever since.

I'll be happy to take a look at other people's problems and/or questions concerning VB, C++ but mostly I'd be interested in what things assembly programmers are working on.

That's it. If my spelling or grammar aren't quite up to snuff, oh well. I write code, not prose.

Does any one really read these intro posts, anyway?


But ... I'm not going to do someone's homework for them. You've got to really try on your own first.

Welcome to DaniWeb. There is lots of posts here for you to help. And yes, we don't do people's homework for them either.

Welcome to DaniWeb and yes we really read your introduction post :-)