Whats up everyone?

I have seen a lot of good things and learned alot from the Daniweb community over the years but never became a member.

I am sure that we can guess I am in to computer's, but there is alot more to me than that. I am a HUGE motorhead, european car's especially and love football.

Anyway, I am 17 and would like to go to college for computer programming. I'v known everything about computer hardware for a very long time and can windows inside and out. Linux is my second OS and use it for alot of testing. Mac's...well....no.:yawn: I finally wanted to dive into programming last year and I am glad I have.

The first language I learned was Python, and it is a phenominal scripting language, then I attempted C++, but moved on to Java (still learning my way through that). I got a big interest in web programming and have a few project sites going right now. I learned PHP, Java, MYSQL, and Python in school and learned HTML, Javascript, and CSS by myself. I want to get a taste of all of the programming languages of course but I am leaning towards web programming as my favorite right now.

I am glad to be a part of the community and I love the originality that this site offers. The first thing I noticed was the forums. Most people use vBulletin or phpBB. To be honest, I looked at the footer of the site to see a 'powered by etc etc'. Thumbs up to the designers!

You'll be seeing more of me!

Hello InsaneVr6, welcome to forum Daniweb.

Welcome to daniweb!.. We're here to help you!.. Enjoy your stay!.. :)