Whats up everyone?

I have seen a lot of good things and learned alot from the Daniweb community over the years but never became a member.

I am sure that we can guess I am in to computer's, but there is alot more to me than that. I am a HUGE motorhead, european car's especially and love football.

Anyway, I am 17 and would like to go to college for computer programming. I'v known everything about computer hardware for a very long time and can windows inside and out. Linux is my second OS and use it for alot of testing. Mac's...well....no.:yawn: I finally wanted to dive into programming last year and I am glad I have.

The first language I learned was Python, and it is a phenominal scripting language, then I attempted C++, but moved on to Java (still learning my way through that). I got a big interest in web programming and have a few project sites going right now. I learned PHP, Java, MYSQL, and Python in school and learned HTML, Javascript, and CSS by myself. I want to get a taste of all of the programming languages of course but I am leaning towards web programming as my favorite right now.

I am glad to be a part of the community and I love the originality that this site offers. The first thing I noticed was the forums. Most people use vBulletin or phpBB. To be honest, I looked at the footer of the site to see a 'powered by etc etc'. Thumbs up to the designers!

You'll be seeing more of me!

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