My name is Debbie. First and foremost I'm relatively computer Been told I know just enough to be dangerous ( however talking about a desk top)lol anyway, here I am with a laptop that I know absolutely nothing about....How I came to be a proud owner of a Sony Vaios is a story of it's own. I was searching for online help when I ran across ya'll....Thank you by the way... The problem I'm having is the laptop turns on but beeps 4 times then nothing else happens. It's a black screen...I've tried it all, I've taken out the battery, unplugged it and hit the reset button. This unfortunately does absolutely nothing...Can someone tell me what to do to fix this thing? Please help me! I'm at the point of throwing it in the street and jumping up and down on it....At least my neighbors would find
Thank you in advance to anyone who knows what to do to keep me

hey nice to meet you :)
i hope to get to know you aswell as everyone else here soon too :D

Thank you.......I've been on the official site with no success...Do you know anyone who has had this problem with the Vaio? Do you know if maybe it has a virus? I have no way of checking this. Does anyone have any ideas that I can do myself? Thanks in advance.......