but was it worth you commenting about it? lol lol

end of this topic lol

haha too funny


Dani, I am sorry to hear you got hurt, but glad to see from the posts you are feeling better. Pain medication being a pain with alertness?

Being that I am a pharmacist by profession I can understand that. Well hope you recovery continues to go well.... best wishes to you.

Sorry I didn't stop by sooner to see how things were around here. Been busy week and weekend.

Take care


Glad that you are still able to type. With out you there will be only three people left on the site. Hope you recover quickly.


dani needs "help" but not of the physical type

GET WELL SOON. a word of advice...when dani wants somethin let her have it...and if she gets that "look" in her eye dont stare



Hi TechTalkGal,

I'm sorry that you got hurt. I just logged on after being away for awhile and I find this out. I hope you did not get hurt very badly. You ok? I pray that you have a very speedy recovery. Talk to you soon k.



Hi blackcloud. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I'm doing fine now! (it was over ten months ago!) I ended up with concussions and contusions and a bunch of burns from the airbag going off, had to see a neurologist a few times, and was out of school for awhile. But i recovered 100% within a few months and I'm doing perfectly fine now :)


Well, this 100% full recovery thing puts all of us here at a disadvatnage =o/

Now we don't know why you're so screwed up! Looks like we'll keep on guessing! ;oD


When the weather changes like right before it rains, dose your neck hurt? Because my neck becomes sore whenever the weather changes after I got hit from behind by some dumb blonde.


Thank goodness you're here to tell the tale! I was t-boned a few years ago (she didn't see the stop light ?!?) and I can empathise. Be gentle to yourself -- and I'm sending lots of warm happy healing thoughts your way! PS - if your DR says it's okay, warm baths with epsom salts really make tweaked muscles relax.


omg I am an **idiot** - I just saw TechTalkGal got hurt and didn't even look at the date. Apologies.


at first i was all like "who is techtalkgal"

but then i was all like "woah"

now I'm all like "meh"

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