Hello, my name is Ryan and I am studying Mathematics and considering the computational undergraduate applied Mathematics program. I love to solve problems and believe that I can use computers as a tool in solving the many problems that exist. I would love to meet others with the same interest that I have in computers. Right now I am attempting to trouble-shoot a lap-top that supposedly crashed. It operates using Windows XP. When I boot it up a message shows up,
"A disk read error occurred, press ctrl+alt+del to restart." Then I press ctrl+alt+del and the same message shows up again. Any suggestions?

Dear Ryan,
Regarding the "crashed" laptop.
I am happy up to Win98 when it was still possible to make a "System disk" which would get you the Dos screen. I had to get XP with a new PC which I - felt I !! - I needed, in order to use an MMC card-reader. Well not only does That not work, but neither does Quick Basic, and neither does the USB. It offers to "resolve" these matters if I send some cash to Microsoft. I can only suggest trying a clean HDD in it, With an os that isn't "XP"