Hello Guys!

My name is Jane and I'm a newbie here. I want to learn a lot of ideas here and I know there are a lot of smart people here that can give ideas and opinions.

All the best!

Welcome to this community. I am Arpi and I am also new here. I think you'll find everything you are looking for and will enjoy your stay.

Welcome to DaniWeb. A site with a lot of NORMAL people, many of whom apply themselves to the world of computers and related issues, and so they seem smart. You too can be as smart as any one of them if you work dilligently at it. You can get information and help from those who know, and you can help others with your knowledge--thereby showing that you too are smart.
But here we don't try to show off our intelligence, we try to be nice and helpful and as such, DaniWeb is a superb gathering place for people like you and me.

Thanks guys for welcoming me in your community, its a pleasure to be here... Have anice day guys...

Thanks for joining us!
Hope you enjoy being a member of this forum!

Haha, nice to see another cool guy joining us!
Wish many successes with your buniness!