Hi everyone,

For anyone interested, my real name is Phill. Could not use it though since there is already someone registered under that name. Like the title says, I am a knowledge gobbler. I like learning stuff about the software side of pc's. At the moment I'm learning html, javascript, php and perl... I'm starting my own website soon. I'd probably need to learn way more before I'm at the level I want to be, so keep an eye out for me around here. I hope that I would find everything I need under one umbrella. Since I'm new to the whole software thing, I'll be leaching off you fundy's for now. Should there be a question I can answer, I will do so. For the moment I doubt I have something usefull to share though. When I'm not at my pc, I'm either working (rope access technician), playing my guitar or hanging out on the beach or with friends. From my nick, you could probably gather that I'm a "dangerous" gamer too... I like to learn technical stuff so, if you got interesting stuff to share, include me there... Looking forward to meet all you peeps...

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