Greetings, I am glad to join Daniweb and amazed at the size and areas covered in this great forum.

For myself, I do relatively basic web design with Dreamweaver MX, utilizing Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Microsoft Office, Pagemaker 7.0 (not quite as often) - - - anything that eventually will get me to html, png, jpeg, etc.

Admittedly, I am very limited in understanding code, except to do some very minor tweaking/clean up of duplicated codes. I am gratified to already receive 2 responses on a nagging white space issue with Dreamweaver MX that I have spending all day to figure out that many of you can figure out in 30 seconds in less. Maybe someday for me . . . :-)

My interests are diverse - - - Computers, software, great music - - classical, folk/international, jazz, broadway, blues - - and yes, even opera! I do keep a few vintage electronics around to enjoy, as I grew up with the "silver" receivers and amps in the 70's & 80's.

I work for a local chamber of commerce and also for a Professional Organizing Company. If you have watched HOARDERS on A&E, our company is featured in two of the episodes (Jill and Tara). Oftentimes, I take discarded computers from clients to give the hard drives their proper burial. :-)

Anyway, I am so happy to join and to thank the persons already that have responded to my questions on Dreamweaver!

Hi and welcome to the Daniweb forums :).