Hello everyone!

I came to know about this web site and have been using it for my benefit for long. Finally, I decided to join the community of software programmers. I know next to nothing on programming so need your help. Please bear with me if my questions are too basic.

Thank you.


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What type of programing you would like to do?

Thank you Mathew for asking. I am interested in C++, SQL, JavaScript, ASP.Net, C#, and Flash designing as well. However, it is one thing to prefer and another thing to be able to do all one prefers, especially because of time constraint.

The reason I like to learn all of them is that I don't have any job experience and I want to start my IT career in this field -challenging!!


I know a little about every language you mentioned except ASP.NET and flash.

My areas that I know well and I can teach is PHP the Linux equivalent to ASP, JavaScript, HTML, and I can teach a bit of SQL. If you would like I could setup a free hosting account so you can have a programing environment to learn SQL, JavaScript, HTML and PHP. If you get or have a skype.com account I can even help introduce you to the concepts of everything I said. ;) I can even work with you to design some sort of software for your portfolio.

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