Just watched this on TV under an hour ago.

It was amazing. We switched to the channel the lottery was on, and both were live. He managed to predict the results perfectly. I don't think he used any illusions, but I will be very interested to see how he pulled off such a trick when he says how he did on friday.

Anybody got any ideas as to how you think he did it? :P

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It's obviously fake/fixed otherwise he would be living a jet-set lifestyle.

Either way, he pulled off a good trick on live TV. He has a good history for these sort of predictions, like here. [link]

You can't understand how he manages to predict which horse wins for several games in a row, but 'The System' all makes sense at the end. It's a very interesting episode. I wouldn't be surprised if he used a clever method to predict the lottery too, as he claims he's done nothing illegal.

I'll find out tomorrow I guess :P

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