I'm feeling bored late. My job isn't interesting for me and the worst thing is that I don't know how to have fun in the evenings. The whole world seems so "grey" to me and I really don't know how to bring fresh feelings to my life. And how do you spend your free time? I'd be glad to read about your types of entertainment and to receive some advices concerning this matter.

Sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker :)

Get a hobby. Play a sport, learn a language, make some friends, try anything new and generally accept opportunities that come to you :P [link] and watch that film :D


That is all you need for entertainment :)

Hey, read some novels, and try to immerge yourself into the others's life is a good way to enhance yourself and relax.

Don't confine yourself to tht tiny world of your own, try to walk out and enjoy the beauty of life!

go to drum course, i play guitar as much as possible.

Learn to play guitar and let music fullfil u!

Find some friends ,

Find some money ,


Sometimes "start the party" to find some friends - have a rent party (redefine 'rent' to fit the situation).

Ohh that's a good idea , i will try next time !!
" but what about old friends ?? "

Climbing mountains and swimming are my way of entertainment!

Hey Joe - my best peak was Mt Rainier and a few minor ones in Mt.