Hello guys,

I'm Elektrikz.I'm 18 and I come from Macedonia (I guess most of you haven't heard of...).
I'm a student at unversity -1st year - department: Computer Science and IT.
I'm really interested into programming (have expirience with C and C++),but I'm still eager to learn.
Also I like fooling around with Linux OS's,resolving problems and maintaining them (and switching distro's all the time:D).

I look forward to meeting all of you,discusing and learning new stuff.

All the best,

p.s. forgot to mention,my real name is Ile (kinda weird,ha?:D)

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Hi Elektrikz :)

I also am from Macedonia and I can tell you that you have chosen the best forum for programming and IT discussions.

Welcome to the forum and enjoy on the solving problems :)


Hi there,

Thank you for joining DaniWeb Community forum.. Glad to see you here.. I'm sure you'll be of great help to our guests & to our members as well..

Have a great time ahead..:)


Elektrikz, thank you for joining DaniWeb Community forum!
I am so sure that u will love this place!

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