Hi everyone,

Glad to be here. I wonder how long it will take before the next new person posts?

...I Googled and Binged for days in search for what I was looking for (still haven't). I must have watched or read a thousand tutorials and emailed a thousand more to no avail. That's ok though because every day it seems like I'm getting closer to a solution. My journey has taken me to this community and after reading the Welcome page I see light at the end of the tunnel.

I told myself that I would participate and not get overwhelmed or discouraged at my lack of IT knowledge but would share whatever light I can offer. I'm an enthusiast by nature so I look forward to getting involved.

As soon as I can, I'll update my profile for anyone interested in finding out a bit more about me. For now I'll tell you three things about me. First, my user name is a play on my first name. I'm a hairdresser thus the name Lhairy. Second, I'm a Mac and my wife is a PC (She works at Microsoft). What do you get when you combine the two? Third, the answer is in the title named after our children ages 2 and 4. Just think, a year ago I would have titled this "Four under four!!!!"

My main reason for joining is to figure out how to embed audio to a single word so that when clicked one could hear the pronunciation. I swear it's taken days! I'm off to find the appropriate forum. See ya.

There is Mac library or utility that is capable to do so. At this point I do not know much about it (only heard of it), but tomorrow I may know more when I speak to our "Mac guru"

Thanks. I appreciate the suggestion. I'll check it out. I started a new thread in the IT Professional Lounge and have been monitoring it throughout the day. A lot of views but no responses as of yet. I look forward to your reply!

OK, it is actually simple. In command line you just call "say" and provide what ever you want to say and Mac OS will do it. So like "say daniweb" and it will say daniweb. If you happy do it manually then type in command line else use any programming language to get you command line programatically and pass a string as parameter for the "say"