Hi friends my name is Vineeth.
I am 23 years old and my PC is 10 years old.
My dream is to become a GOD in programming.
I like this forum becoz
I found many codes in web some of them are really great.When i looked for them i realized that many of them are really infamous and they don't published their work.An inbuilt database is most beautiful work on that.In that work someone created a database program to create own database [ like MS ACCESS ] in VB 6 !.Now my goal is to become someone like him.
If i got your help i can become something like that , a real MASTER BRAIN.

My hobby is collecting softwares and games , work with Visual basic 6 and dot net , learn new program languages , find mistakes in games.
And most importantly i like to spend time in research and study others vb projects and games.
My job is dreaming [ hehehehehehehe ] and i like to do that.
One day i will become a software legend [ may be , but that's my dream ]
This forum is really a good hope for me .................

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No doubt , i really found something interesting in this site ..
I found many blocked answers from this site.Becoz the IT professsional here [near my home and town ] thinks only they can create new works.Actually I am not an IT student or professional.
But I like VB and .Net more than they do.

[ Now i am trying to study different ways to do a work ! ]

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