Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm hoping to make a career change into IT at some point in the future. In a perfect world, I'd be going back to school, but due to family and financial obligations, that isn't possible right now.

I've just started researching where I want to get into this huge and diverse field, but I'm feeling very overwhelmed right now. I'd welcome any recommendations on where I can get more information about the different paths one can take (in general at least). My main background in computers has been games, but as I go on, I'm not too thrilled with the games industry focus on FPS games (they're just not my style). So I throw myself at your mercy to help me make sense of this field, and hopefully get some idea of where I want to go.

Also, are there any things that I can work on that would be useful no matter what area I want to move into?


Welcome to the forum, and nice to meet u! Hope u could enjoy the stay!
You will find out how awesome a site that u have found!