Hey there :)
My name is Prankerio, or should I say nickname. I'm 16 years old and studying at a boarding school ^^ , so the only time for me to spend on computer is only during holidays, usually 1 1/2 week per holiday and 6 times per year.

I love to tweaks the windows :twisted: like I making my Vista Ultimate to Win 7 ahahaha. I want to learn more about how the computer works, hardware, the software etc. Do feel free to help me :icon_idea:

Games I love is like Crysis, FEAR , FEAR 2, COD4, The Sims (1,2,3), NFS:MW, GRAW 2, Halo(s), MGS series, etc. But I tell ya, I feel quite bored playing FPS all the time , and then its other genre time~. Hahahaha xP Music is pretty much anything, as long it is good :cool: Food I love such as Fish & Chips, steak ... and so much more! OMGosh, its so good :* Emmmm . . . .

Well, I'm looking forward to learn much more from this site =)

Lets talk.