I want to attempt a freelance c++ job/project for the skills & experience but do you think there are any jobs out there for my skill level?

I have been learning programming for 8 months, only know c++,
& I only know the basics, arrays, vectors, pointers, stacks ,lists,queues, header files, classes, overloading. templates, recursion.

I dont have any experience with API, nor MFI(is that right...is it MCI....see I dont even know the name :P)

So I guess I am asking for some advice:
Would you say...
- "Ur in waaay over ur head. Dont even bother taking on a c++ freelance job, tyke"
- "You may find some jobs out there that just require your skill level"
- "You have plenty of skills to do a c++ freelance job"
- other.

To be honest, I don't think you should be freelancing with only 8 months of experience. I've seen the level of C++ that you have (from the C++ forum off course) and I don't think you're quite ready for a big project by yourself. How about you try to get involved with a project which has more experienced members? That way you can learn from the other programmers, but still gain experience in working with big projects. This way you can find out for yourself if your level is adequate or not.