I'm new here but this is my 2nd post.

Anyway, I'm 17, a sophomore college student taking up Computer Engineering over at Ateneo De Manila at Philippines. I can say that I'm pretty well off on the basics of programming. We are now taking up Data Structures and my professor is doing a pretty bad job at it. He suddenly jumped to Huffman Trees, Encoding and Decoding and the last topic we discussed was Matrices. T_T

I also love playing StarCraft, practice magic and some xcm flourishes. I also enjoy calculus and analytical physics. I think it's safe to say that I'm a geek but I'm not that socially ineffective or anything, I guess my school made me this way? Haha.

Anyway, when this semester is over (which is just half a month away) I hope I can also help other guys who are around here.:)

I'm sure you will do great here!
This place is great!!