I keep running into this site through my Google Alerts for The Computer Gal (SNIP has been my domain name since 2002.) Congratulations on a very active, great looking forum site!!! I use other tech forums, but this is the one with the simplest interface I've seen so far.

My adventures in web development and programming started with International Newspaper Network in 1997, when a group of completely unqualified newspaper folks started a new online business. I was the very unqualified Administrative Assistant. However, we were persistent and gung-ho and the company didn't crash. I got a taste of the combination of code, user interface, business on the web and C programming, and I was hooked.

So, after a couple of years, I left to finish a degree in International Business and a masters in CS. Now, I teach web development at Dickinson Lifelong Learning Center, and I'm always looking for new resources and great discussions for my web development students. They think I'm really smart; so, I have to work hard to stay one step ahead of them.

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