Hello everyone! I'm still a new member and I would like to share with you my knowledge and short experience as a student, and I would appreciate if you guys out there help me achieve my goal of becoming a high level programmer.
I am still a new comer in this professional field and though still at college I can now appreciate the efforts that I am making because as per now, I can write simple programs in c programming language and c++.
I wish you guys out there a nice and fruitful career. I welcome good Samaritans who can help me achieve my goal either financially or productively.
thank you.
Christopher Amangole

Good productivity with the c programming language and c++!
These are the most active language forums here in Daniweb. Hope to see you there.

m also quite new at this community but really surprised to read that you are discussing like all of other experienced people, really impressing.

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Good you have spotted a nice and beautiful forum. You are very welcome in this community!