Hi everyone,

I am a graphic / web designer who turned into a developer and now am being thrust against my will into sys admin.

I Design on a PC, and Servers all Linux.

I am at that dangerous stage, you know, I know enough to really stuff up a system, but not enough to fix it - yet... My PhP, javascript, MySQL, Action Script is still not there yet, but anything else Adobe is a breeze.

Name: Helena
Nickname: Kali7; Helz, Mistress Helz
Height: 5'8''
Hair: Very dark auburn
Eyes: Hazel
Location: Sydney
Age: older than some, maturity less than most.
Hobbies: Motorcycling, Herpetology, Yoga, Rock Climbing, Digital Art
Relationship Status: single
Fav Music: anything except country and western and r&b
Education: various bachelors and masters
Work: Web Mistress
Favorite Movies: Wanted, Chronicles of Riddick
Favorite TV Shows: True Blood, Stargate, Demons
Favorite Video Games: Warcraft
Stuff you Dislike: religion and conservative people.

Hey, you look nice, hope we could be friends!
Welcome to the community!