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a little introduction of my self :)

Name: Hamzalija (mostly known as hami)
Nickname: Claw, meco or hmeco
Height: 6'10''
Weight: 300 (give or take few love handles :P)
Hair: black
Eyes: Brown
Location: DK (Denmark - Europe)
Age: 23
Hobbies: running my business, world of warcraft (addict :P), software development etc etc. basically whatever it has to do with computers im in.

Relationship Status: its complicated.

Fav Music: alot primarily, rock, blues old school.

Education: CCNA, CCNP, Data Technician, self developed g33k :)

Work: Currently empoloyed at Bang & Olufsen as Data Technician Trainee and Self Emplyed.
Currently work with software development and know/have knowlage to following programming languages.
php, C, C++, java, python, bash.
im currently studying:
asp and, perl, cgi, C#

Favorite Food: mums homemade

Favorite Movies: as long as it not borring :)

Favorite TV Shows: The Family Guy, The Simpsons, X-Files, Everybody Loves Raymond, Top Gear, Hells Kitchen, X factor, american idol

Favorite Video Games: WoW

Stuff you Dislike: Selfemployed primadonnas.

Windows or Unix? UNIX!

if you have futher questions ask..

hello and welcome, hope you will share knowledge with us and stay here for the longer time.