Hello my name is Robert and I am from Mississippi. I enjoy Web based development as well as other development dealing with pc's. I am currently wanting to start my own business surrounding this field (Web Development). I have read a few books and I believe I am well-rounded in XHTML, although I have read up online that it is soon to be obsolete(Correct me if I am wrong, but HTML 5 is soon to be the dominating markup). I need to catch up on the proper markup for HTML5. I also think I am well-rounded with CSS. I want to learn though these new styling techniques I have been seeing though, so I have been doing some research on that and working on a few tutorials. I am currently working on expanding my programming knowledge to include PHP and SQL. I really appreciate the PM and your time here, Thank you.

Robert Parker

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Robert, Huge welcome here!!
Enjoy it and many blessings in your life.

Hey, I really appreciate that. Thank you!


I am already enjoying the journey so far and I am sure it only gets better from here on. :)


Over the years I have learned a lot and returned to daniweb to share my knowledge and help where I can in my free time :)

Thanks to everyone who helped me when I was a novice. I will pay it forward.


Hi and Welcome @exactprecisions
Yey! More knowlegable member join us
More member means more knowledge

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