Hello my name is Robert and I am from Mississippi. I enjoy Web based development as well as other development dealing with pc's. I am currently wanting to start my own business surrounding this field (Web Development). I have read a few books and I believe I am well-rounded in XHTML, although I have read up online that it is soon to be obsolete(Correct me if I am wrong, but HTML 5 is soon to be the dominating markup). I need to catch up on the proper markup for HTML5. I also think I am well-rounded with CSS. I want to learn though these new styling techniques I have been seeing though, so I have been doing some research on that and working on a few tutorials. I am currently working on expanding my programming knowledge to include PHP and SQL. I really appreciate the PM and your time here, Thank you.

Robert Parker

Robert, Huge welcome here!!
Enjoy it and many blessings in your life.

Robert, Huge welcome here!!
Enjoy it and many blessings in your life.

Hey, I really appreciate that. Thank you!

Have an enjoyable stay and stay active with us.
I am sure u gonna love the journey!

I am already enjoying the journey so far and I am sure it only gets better from here on. :)

Sure, u can meet many great guys here!

Great forum that u have dectected!

Over the years I have learned a lot and returned to daniweb to share my knowledge and help where I can in my free time :)

Thanks to everyone who helped me when I was a novice. I will pay it forward.

Welcome to daniweb!

Hi and Welcome @exactprecisions
Yey! More knowlegable member join us
More member means more knowledge

Welcome Robert!

Enjoy your stay and I'm sure we will =)

Hello Robert, welcome back!