This is the story of "bitchchecker" (the hacker) a user who lost it because he thought he had been kicked of a RC channel by "Elch". The hacker comes back on the channel threatening to hack and ruin Elch machine, and dares Elch to give his IP address.

The address given was (which is anyone's local IP address - you own IP, if you want), but bitchchecker was not knowledgeable enough to know that and tried to use a software to destroy what he thought was Elch hard drives, but ended up destroying his own.

thought you techies would find this amusing; I know I got a chuckle out of it...


Haha, I read that story, and its not fair to call him a hacker...Im sure it takes him a while to turn on the computer even.

Hehe, what a loser. If he's gonna (attempt) to hack into a server he may as well consult his 'how to not delete your own hard drive' manual first. :lol:

So he becomes a cracker .... hackers are informative experts while crackers are bad guys in good places like computers (especially this one ):D

more likely it was slashdotted :)

LOL, what an idiot.

LOL, what an idiot.

may be he was tensed that why he might have given his own local address.

Sounds like the bomber who put his return address on the bomb. The post office returned it for insufficient postage for its weight. His wife opened it and blew them both up.