My list:

1. Kirby Superstar - Best. Kirby. Ever. :D
2. LOZ:Ocarina of Time - Just so good. No other way of saying it. A masterpeice ;)
3. SSB:M - the best fighter in the multiverse :D
4. Starfox - It's a 3D SNES game! :surprised
5. Simpsons:Hit and Run - You can't get that much better than smashing stuff up AND simpsons quotes inbetween :cheesy:

A very hard question for the person who just likes to play so many types of games but here is a temporary list :

1) Sudden Strike
2)Need 4 Speed Underground
3)EA Cricket 2004
4)Simcity 4
5)Neogeo games all time favourite is metal slug all parts.

1) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
2) Neverwinter Knights
3) Baldur's Gate 2
4) Monkey Island Series
5) Silent Storm

1) Pong (the one that started it all)
2) Adventure (green screen mother of all your favorites)
3) Space Invadors
4) Wing Commander 1
5) Doom

I´ll bet most don´t remember all of these...

1.Final Fantasy 7
2.Star wars Jedi outcast 2
4.Shogun total war
5.(soon to be) star wars republic commando

1. Bally "Fireball" (pinball machine)
2. Williams "Gulfstream II" (pinball machine)
3. Croquet
4. Parker Brothers "Monopoly"
5. Dictionary

Nobody said they had to be computer games.

The computer games would have to be far down the list. But it I restrict it to computer games, I would pick:

1. Radio Ball
2. Hexxagon
3. Trek (the original mainframe Star Trek text game)
4. Madlib
5. Seastalker

1. Star Wars Jedi Knight II
2. Star Wars Jedi Knight
3. Star Wars Battlefront
4. Star Wars Jedi Academy
5. Bzflag (open source cross-platform tank game!!!)

slackwarebilly :D

Medal of Honor. And no other game even comes close to it.

1. DiabloII
2. Any Might & Magic or Heroe's of Might and Magic
3. Old Dungeons and Dragons computer games
4. Madden games
5. Too many more too list really lol.

Heh, just as I was typing this I here this story on the news: D & D illustrator dies. (Note number 3 on my list)

1 - Counter Strike
2 - Counter Strike: Source
3 - Halo
4 - Halo 2
5 - Halflife: Source

1. Strip poker
2. Strip poker
3. Strip poker
4. Strip poker
5. Strip poker

1 - Counter Strike
2 - Counter Strike: Source
3 - Halo
4 - Halo 2
5 - Halflife: Source

Someone really likes shooters...

Black Hawk Down
Combat Flight Sim 3
Call of Duty
Rainbow 6: Raven Shield

All in no particular order, very tempted to put in America's Army as well.

3-ms. pacman
5-mech warrior

1. Counter Strike Source (PC)
2. GTA San Andreas (PC)
3. Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion (megadrive)
4. Planetside (PC)
5. Golden Eye (N64)

1) Asphalt
2) SegaRally
3) The Sims
4) Fifa 2004
5) MotoGP

1 Halo
2 Guild Wars
3 Counter Strike: Source
4 Morowind
5 Utopia (Online Game)

wow surprised at the lack of RTS and online games

1) FF 7
2) Starcraft
3) Half Life
4) Xenogears
5) Lineage 2

1:-mario 64 :cool:
3:-mortal kombat(all of them) :cool:
4:-truecrime streets of la
5:-street fighter (all of them execpt snk vs neo geo )

1. Halo 2(XBOX)
2. Halo(XBOX)
3. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic(XBOX)
4. Tekken 2(Playstation)- An older but one of my favs
5. Super Mario Bros.(NES)- A Great OLD game

1) Half-Life
2) Counter-Strike
3) Call of Duty
4) Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2
5) Command and Conquer: Generals

2. NBA live
3. Madden NFL
4. Nightfire
5. Grand Theft Auto

Those games are tight.

Anybody still play the first counterstrike? I mean is there still people playing it online even with source out?

tony hawk 3
grand theft auto 3
tony hawk underground
matt hoffman bmx
true crime

1: Elite on the C64 - the vector graphic king, all in 64k!
2: Uridium - again on the C64. This game started the bas relief graphics genre!
3: The Zork Trilogy - yeah I know, they were only text adventures but hey, my imagination is better than any computer graphic!
4: MOHAA on the PC
5: Fable on the Xbox

(Those 1st three games really show my age!)

Anybody still play the first counterstrike? I mean is there still people playing it online even with source out?

All the professional gaming competitions still use CS1.6. I have tried about twice because you lack some great maps with CS:S like pool party which was superb. Only lasted two rounds before the graphics overcame gameplay and went back to CS:S. Some people even still use CS1.5 as they thinks it was better than 1.6.

What are people looking forward to, if any judging by the retro fans. Personnaly Stalker and Quake Wars enemy teritory are my most wanted.

a whole bunch of ppl play cs 1.6 still. CS:S still lacks a lot of the game play that 1.6 has, so I think ppl will stay with it until source becomes better.

1. Halo/Halo 2
2. Call of Duty
3. Age of Empires 2
4. The Sims 2
5. Metal Slug 1, 2 & 3

Battle Zone
Half Life
Unreal Tournament
Mortal Kombat (Sega Genesis) <--lol..sexiest game ever :p