Hello All,

I definitely don't fit into the "geek" category yet. I'm a 45- year-old married female who, after being disillusioned at getting stuck in dead-end, low-paying secretarial jobs, decided to get an education to do something I can enjoy and make decent money doing.

I've always had a natural ability with computers and enjoy working with them. Because of that, I decided on web design for a number of reasons (besides enjoying working with computer): !) the web is not going away anytime soon, 2) I can do something that will involve creativity, 3) I can do something that will not require me to be present in a brick-and-mortar office (we live in a very remote area with not a whole lot of job opportunities).

I'm currently taking courses in web design and am in a programming course that's giving me a lot of difficulty, which is how I found this site.

I read the rules, so I'm not going to post my problems here, just wanted to let you know how I wound up here.


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You will find out how awesome a site that u have found!
Enjoy the exploration!

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