I have joined this community one month ago and have become fan of it. This is the first and only forum where I registered and active since joining.

About myself:
I am Dharmendra kalita, from Assam, (India).
Currently doing as a trainee in GE Healthcare bangalore(India).
I have passed out of my university this year(2009) in June and from then I am here in Bangalore in this company.

I wish to go places in future. I love adventures (though I didn't had much opportunity to involve myself). I love video games(specially Counter strike).
I love helping people in whatever way I can.

And above all, I love programming, specially systems programming.

I have learned so much in here from the various discussions and hope I will learn a lot in future.


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Glad to have u here, will u tell us something more about yourself?

hey plz ask anything that anyone want to know.......i am here to reply.... :)

and thankyou for the welcome......

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