Im nothing special, im just here for if I need help as I learn C++ :)

Currently im at college doing construction and... Well, im not really sure its for me. I can do it well, Drawing, QSing.. All of it. I just dont have any real intrest anymore.

So, as I continue my course, I decided to learn C++ on the side so I can get an idea of if a computer based course would be better for me, and if it isnt, it can still be a hobby on the side :)

As it stands, im 18, I live in England and im here for a hobby at the moment ;)

hey, im in scotland (originally from england, not that matters though, education is still prettymuch the same) and currently doing Computing at uni.

If youve got any C++ questions you could ask me.

What i would say is firstly, learn about OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and the basic principles of programming. Use C++ as a tool to explore this (as coding is the best way to understand some seemingly very abstract ideas), not the other way around. That way you learn good habits (as c++ isnt the best example of an OOP langauge at all). also, your knowlege is more grounded in theory so can be applied to other languages as well.

Hi welcome in.......keep stay here....

Hi, i've recently astarted a course in software engineering at university, so i'm getting to grips with C++ as the main focus is games programming :D