I just setup my YIM (aeinstein101) and wouldnt mind a bit adding any of u's to my friends list - swipen'em from profiles dont feel right 2me. any1 who cares to can pm me w/thers if they feel like it!

That's cool. I'm not a big fan of YIM though. I don't know too many people that use it. Most of them, unfortunately use AOL or AIM. I'd rather use ICQ but no one I know uses that either. :D You would think, AOL owning ICQ, that they would connect both networks.

AIM: CSCGal28 (almost always on here) or HofstrasCSCGal
Microsoft Messenger: cscgal@msn.com (almost always on here)
Yahoo!: CompSciGal28
ICQ: #27179987

:D @ inscissor! u'd think so, huh?! i'll look into setting up AIM/ICQ on my 1 (GRRRRRR) day off (Thu) - just too bushed now.

Thanks Dani, i'll add u in b4 i call it a night - well, guess that means now then! ;)

There's someone behind you.

OOOOOKKKK Alice a bit tooo much posting for you!

LOL, yeah she is starting to wear a wee bit thin! Hopefully that website comes back online so you can get some more XML profile files for her!

Thats intersting, I liek something else! ;-)

One of the curiosities of life that intrigued Mr. Einstein, which he was not able to solve, was just why couldn't people be in two places at once. So, my nickname is a bit of a play on that perplexing duality, in that here is an eminently renowned scientist and yet when one is referred to as "eh, einstein!" its typically meant in a derogatory manner. It's also pretty sweet that the "a" in my "aeinstein" can also denote his first initial. Next to The Lord, my dearly beloved Pops and my twin Bro, I hold Mr. Einstein in the highest of regards.

commented: Congratulations on being a MOD, hoping to hear from you and make friends [~s.o.s~] +6

Nice origin! I made up the name "inscissor" back in 6th grade. I entered the science fair and did a project on dinosaurs. In my report I wrote about the T-Rex having "inscissors" thinking it was spelled correctly (it's spelled incisor). Anyways, no one said anything, and I was one of the winners. So obviously I thought it was spelled correctly and continued spelling it like that for years to come. I never really used the word (how often do you use the word incisor anyways) until one time, I think it was 11th or 12th grade I looked it up. I couldn't find it. I did however find the word "incisor" which meant "tooth." Then I realized what a dope I was. I have to admit, the word "inscissor" is a lot cooler than "incisor." I've used "inscissor" for a million accounts and I guess it just stuck. :D

Ok my turn !!!

My sophomore year of college I decided to get customized plates for my car. And I was hangin' out in the CSC lounge trying to think of something, and Vinnie and someone else (forget who) were naming random stuff and were like "Hey, how 'bout CSCGAL" as a complete joke and I was like "I like it!"

So I got CSCGAL plates for my car and everyone laughed at me from then on. Seriously ... the plates came first. Then I decided to start using "cscgal" for everything on the 'net.

Then when I originally set up TechTalk Forums I had my handle set to "cscgal" ... and Dan was like "hey, can't you be more creative?" So I changed it to "TechTalkGal" as a joke.

Just recently switched back to cscgal - hey, it's meee!

an AI that cant spell :?: :!:

Paul, just out of curiousity... do you like Einstein? Why that name?

ok, new email addy, AIM, new YIM & ICQ added to my profile! 8)

:D Dan! i was wondering where you got that nick from! that's funny & 1 of those things that in someway can - and does! - happen 2all of us! kewl that u kept the nick, tells me u have a really good sense of humor & feet planted on the ground!

hmmm CSCGAL or TechTalkGal, CSCGAL or TechTalkGal, CSCGAL or TechTalkGal... aaahhhh, a rose by any other name would be just as nice (& PRETTY! ;) ), i like'm both! hmmm, but seeing how CSCGAL makes so much sense u mustve beat a lot of girls (well, i should hope no guys, but...!) to that nick shows ur ontop of ur game - kool beans! :D

Thanks for the compliment Paul. I still couldn't believe when I heard that "some girl" (before I met Dani) got the license plate "CSCGAL." I just couldn't believe it!

That's cool. I'm not a big fan of YIM though. I don't know too many people that use it. Most of them, unfortunately use AOL or AIM. I'd rather use ICQ but no one I know uses that either. :D You would think, AOL owning ICQ, that they would connect both networks.

they do connect all you do is enter the aim name to your icq list and you can talk to them through icq!!!

Interesting how people get their names...
Mine I just randomly came up with... sorta.
I was born and raised on DOS, well, when I first got the BSOD, I flipped. I was 10 at the time and working with my uncle at his house. From then on, my uncle called me Blue Screen, and he would just tease me about it. Then it just kinda faded and I needed a screen name. I knew that DOS was the cause of my problems (I would say ROOT, but I don't wanna go there.) and I liked the color blue, so it just went togehter. The number are my birth year.

I know no one wanted to know that.. but oh, well.

I would tell you about me but I know you won't give a damn anyway, so I might as well don't... :P

Catweazle originated as a pisstake.

I originally got online primarily to keep in contact with relatives who live some distance away, and when I got involved in messaging for contact I found they and their friends were heavily involved in a Tolkeinian 'Fantasy' thing with nicks. Being the perverse bloke that I am, I decided if it was fantasy characters they liked, a fantasy character they'd get and I chucked ole Catweazle in amongst their 'high culture' game!

It drew quite a few laughs, stuck, and I now use it all over the place.

Turns out there are very few Tech sites where the name has been picked up previously. :D

I stumbled across my tags a few years ago when the internet was first introduced to me. My friend set me up with a AIM account and needed to pick a screen name, well the one that I wanted was taken (forgot what that was) therefore the AIM asked "would you like us to create you a personalized SN" I ticked yes and off I went putting in a few key words. Dave Matthews Band, Zeus, B-Ball.....these were my keywords….. it came up with a few random names including DMBZeus well I didn’t like my options but had some ideas after feedback I got from AIM. So I started using DMBsaint20, which to this day is still my AIM SN. But up until recently I became part of a clan called «seS» I acquired these tags and kept the Saint part of my name. Like many of you I use this name for everything. ;)

Well, I'm named after my pops, Alcides Sr. The Fresh came when I was getting one of those http://(username).i.am aka http://i.am/(username) accounts. So, naturally I chose Fresh to be my username and began using FreshAlcides ever since.

Alcides (aka FunkyFreshDopeAlcides or FreshAlcides, for short).

What's that smell? Oh yeah, the smell of a dead thread resurrected! :o

Oh well, no bother. It's still topical, I guess. I have a Yahoo! messenger account, but I never use it. I can't stand the amount of spamming I get from it...

I'm sometimes on AIM as alc6379. If you can catch me, you're welcome to give me a holler.

Catnip was given to me by a good friend because certain substances made me a little loopy. I didn't like it at all, but unfortunately with his help it stuck. My Y! ID is billb1178, and AIM is billb013. I'm usually on during the day at work.