Hi Everyone,
I am so glad of having joined this community: I've been using suggestions since several days, and at the end, I decided to be part of it, to see if I can make my little contribution.

I am a PhD student in Italy. In particular I am studying computational biology, and my interests are in programming different languages for different biological issues, hopefully in the attempt of getting the best from any one of them.

I am also interest in informatics in general, I love my mac, I play the electric guitar (or rather I was playing it, now I don't have enough time :D) and I think that's end the story.

I want to tell you a little secret: few hours ago I got a problem with my c++ ODE solver program, with istringstream and str(): I was posting the question and, when I was cleaning the code to paste a lighter version, I just found the error and solve it "alone" : shouldn't I get a prize to be the first one to solve his problem on danyweb bothering noone :D

See you soon,

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