Hi im Perun.
I started to like games and games development stuff before 1 year.
Thx to my gaming love in have learned how to make maps for Quake
and Star trek Elite force 2 (i could probalby do and for rest .bsp based game) i learned things how to make textures and shaders,but i had always one thing missing and that is coding which i find really difficult cuz i was alwys bad in mathematics.
The coolest things in gaming you do with shaders and scripts and both need that you know at least something in coding so i tryed C++ but i found it really hard and books and tutorials rather "dry" cuz the best way of learning is via using examples and tasks.
So i looked for next best thing and found Python and i love it even doe people do tell me that its better to leave it and concentrate on C++,but my opinion is that better stick to the Python.
Python as i see haves really the best community ouround and i found some really nice tutorials that make my learning easy.
Im now learn Python overall 1 1/2 week i hope ill learn it some day to be decent Python programer :)

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Looking forward to learn and share new things with you soon! By the way, welcome to the community!

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