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    [QUOTE=firstPerson;1033889]More bullshit, what does it really matter? A new [URL="http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/10/091001-oldest-human-skeleton-ardi-missing-link-chimps-ardipithecus-ramidus.html"]Missing Link[/URL] has been found. If what they say is true then all that I have been taught by be anthropology teacher and alike has been bUllShit. Its all crap. What does it really matter if we "come" from moneys or … Read More

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    [QUOTE=sureronald;1033900]I agree with you! It is of no use funding multi million dollar projects researching on such topics while hunger is real in some parts of the world especially Kenya where I come from.[/QUOTE] I disagree with you! There is no way to transfer the money you are complaining about … Read More

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    Ah - I get it, you do not have to live by the rules you want others to live by. You are special; by the power of your posting crap you are saving more starving people than mere money could ever help. Of course I will respond - there is … Read More

  • [QUOTE=firstPerson;1033889] Instead of spending millions of dollars on (fill in blank) we could be helping people like this.[/QUOTE] Of all the stupid, inane things we waste time and money on that you could fill in the blank above which offer little positive value to humanity (unnecessary war, Jerry Springer, mindless, … Read More

  • >>The reason is obvious. I picked this topic because of the billions of dollars spent on this project. Citation please. Where are you getting the "billions" figure? I see nothing in the article you link that discusses the cost of this research or just as importantly, WHO is funding it? … Read More

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