Yep, yep... I'm looking forward to being a member of this community - looks like good clean fun! My friends call me a pc geek/guru, but truly I only know a little more than they do. (shhh, don't tell) Mostly I just know how to find answers that other much smarter people have already figured out on this big information highway. Resourceful, yeah that's it. I do, however, really like 'puters and am sort of gifted when it comes to working on them - I have more intrinsic ability than actual knowledge, so be gentle if I ask stupid question, k?

Kewlio, I'm ready to start surfing the forums. See you later! ttfn ~kAtH


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Thanks dlh6213! Nice signature... I never heard that one before about backing up the hard drive. ;)


In fact, I drive to Portland everyday for work (an hour), so I better quit playing around on the 'puter and go get some sleep! See you next time, k? Nice chatting with you. ~kath

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